31 December 2009

pictures to BELOW LINK! as promised :)

saujana mata memandang.......(ni mesti my hubby bangga dengan snapshot dier....eley...i pun berbakat jugak tau...hee)
Ni one of the scenery in tali air i guess...tepi bendang
aiyokk!!!abishhhh!!!!............................yang bestnye mee udang ni sebab dia tak pakai santan (which is healthier than those yang pakai santan...but whatever it is...prawns are still........high in cholestrol :))
Ho ho ho.....nampak lazat kan...hehe...harga utk mee udang kolam=RM8, mee udang laut M size=RM10, mee udang L size=RM12...
Ni la dia....gerai Mee Udang yang digembar-gemburkan.....Mak Teh...Mak Teh....banyak sebenarnya gerai Mak Mak lain tapi Maria Tunku Sabri da syorkan yang the way we tried to find for Mak Teh!
We were heading to Taiping................or was it Changkat Jering...tak ingat da....

27 December 2009



we(me n my wiffy) had a very tight holiday lastweek(25,26 and 27th of Dec)..
here it is..

(its Jesus 'birthday'-which actually not so true-sorry for christmas believers..Jesus is one of our prophets thou...)
went for Subuh at Putrajaya Mosque..
went to Bukit Jalil Park(whatever the name is..)..we had a niceeey walky there..
during on de way back home..we saw a newly open mini market is having its 'sappy sourhappy hour' big sale!..we err..had our first step to the mini market..bought one or two items only lor..its a lie!!!!
get back home safely and me as a muslim male get ready to go for Friday pray..
while mama get ready to have a short afternoon nap..
after the prayer..sleep sleep and sleep..
after Asar get ready to go to keramat-mom's..

we(me,mama,mak,abah n cikyam) wake up as early as 9am yes its too early for me on weekend!to start our journey to Bandar Baharu Kulim for Shahrin(my cousin)'s wed.
the main event was after Asar, so on the way there we singgah Kuala Sepetang..the place where every prawn lovers ever dream to live in..
i ate mee udang banjir with 8(i repeat..EIGHT!!) prawns in a bowl!...for just rm10 only..hoho~
(pic update soon)
then continue our journey with every stomach full with prawns..
and straight to the main event..
(pic update soon)
we then going back to KL since tonight is gonna be the night that my elder bro and her wife's arrival from doing Haj..
we arrived at keramat-mom's at approximately 0000hrs..

wake up lazylyearly as always..

go selayang-mom' for a bit..

go another of my cousin wed at FRIM(Forest Reservation Institute Malaysia)'s hall..

nice and simple layout with great environment of FRIM..

go back to selayang-mom's..blablabla with a little nap..

ready to get back to our's..

its over..our holly-weekend..

14 December 2009

happy hubby..

Kitab Tauhid Zindani...pondering...

Thanks to Wawa yang bersemangat meng'intro'kan buku "Kitab Tauhid Diperakui Oleh Fakta Sains" dikarang oleh Abdul Majid Aziz Az-Zindani..

bought this book at Fajar Ilmu, situated on the 2nd floor of wisma yakin building...(I love this place!!!...mcam tak nak balik bile di sane...nanti nak bwk hubby...insyaAllah)..this place is like heaven of books... :) by the way...baru sampai page 137 out of 437 pages...hehe...quite a long way to go....頑張ります! sebenarnye before i tend to forget about this interesting fact that live up my reading, better write it down...nanti sure lupe....

when i was in Japan, i met with an Ukhti from Morocco..named sana'...and she taught me a lot about....emm...lotsa of things....(there u go...! i pasted your flag in my blog!! you should thank me for that!hehe)

we argued a lot and we have different kind of opinions part of the time...but from here....she kinda triggered me a lot of things of what life is all about....

there was once we had a trip to Kyoto together...for me...Kyoto is a place full of temples or shrines....of buddhism and shintou... is a beautiful place especially during autumn (秋)...very beautiful indeed...but almost 90% of Kyoto's attraction are temples and shrines.... we were wondering...didnt God send someone for these people..?...and Sana' said to me maybe God did send someone...a prophet....

unfortunately...over the years...all the taught has been manipulated by people with less knowledge...over-worshipping maybe?(statues of prophets built for remembrance and then worshipped?) ...additions in ibadahs maybe?...or was it just because of the interest or greediness of human being? (only God knows what really happened)...

but what was written in Zindani's book in page 12o...did God sent prophets for specific ummah only?...meaning...would Allah sent Islam only for Arabs....of Bible only for westerners?....
and Zindani said "No...not an ummah is left without a prophet spreading good news for good deed, warn for the wrong-doers and guidance towards the path of rightness...

Verily! We have sent you with the truth, a bearer of glad tidings, and a warner. And there never was a nation but a warner had passed among them. (24)
Sesungguhnya Kami mengutusmu dengan (agama) yang benar, sebagai pembawa berita gembira (kepada orang-orang yang beriman) dan pemberi amaran (kepada orang-orang yang ingkar) dan tidak ada, sesuatu umat pun melainkan telah ada dalam kalangannya dahulu seorang Rasul pemberi ingatan dan amaran. (24)

and not all of the prophets have been mentioned in the Quran...

Verily, We have sent the revelation to you (O Muhammad SAW)[] as We sent the revelation to Nûh (Noah) and the Prophets after him; We (also) sent the revelation to Ibrâhîm (Abraham), Ismâ‘îl (Ishmael), Ishâq (Isaac), Ya‘qûb (Jacob), and Al-Asbât [the offspring of the twelve sons of Ya‘qûb (Jacob)], ‘Îsâ (Jesus), Ayyûb (Job), Yûnus (Jonah), Hârûn (Aaron), and Sulaimân (Solomon); and to Dâwûd (David) We gave the Zabûr (Psalms). (163) And Messengers We have mentioned to you before, and Messengers We have not mentioned to you, - and to Mûsa (Moses) Allâh spoke directly. (164)
Sungguhnya Kami telah memberikan wahyu kepadamu (wahai Muhammad), sebagaimana Kami telah memberikan wahyu kepada Nabi Nuh dan Nabi-nabi yang diutus kemudian daripadanya dan Kami juga telah memberikan wahyu kepada Nabi Ibrahim dan Nabi Ismail dan Nabi Ishak dan Nabi Yaakub, serta Nabi-nabi keturunannya dan Nabi Isa dan Nabi Ayub dan Nabi Yunus dan Nabi Harun dan Nabi Sulaiman; dan juga Kami telah memberikan kepada Nabi Daud: Kitab Zabur. (163) Dan (Kami telah mengutuskan) beberapa orang Rasul yang telah Kami ceritakan kepadamu dahulu sebelum ini dan Rasul-rasul yang tidak Kami ceritakan hal mereka kepadamu dan Allah telah berkata-kata kepada Nabi Musa dengan kata-kata (secara langsung, tidak ada perantaraan). (164)

and only God knows the exact amount of prophets who have been sent....

when i look at religious all around...there are some practices which are similar to practices in Islam...but obviously have been contaminated somehow...for example, the red indian people or buddhists placing food in their so called 'tokong'.....sacrificing something for God isn't it?...isnt that comes from the history of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail....where Allah replaced a sheep/goat instead....nevertheless...those without knowledge might think that we Muslims sacrificed the animal for God to be eaten?or something worse than that but in fact...God stressed in the Holy Quran...

It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allâh, but it is piety from you that reaches Him. Thus have We made them subject to you that you may magnify Allâh for His Guidance to you. And give glad tidings (O Muhammad SAW) to the Muhsinûn[] (doers of good). (37)
Daging dan darah binatang korban atau hadiah itu tidak sekali-kali akan sampai kepada Allah, tetapi yang sampai kepadaNya ialah amal yang ikhlas yang berdasarkan takwa dari kamu. Demikianlah Dia memudahkan binatang-binatang itu bagi kamu supaya kamu membesarkan Allah kerana mendapat nikmat petunjukNya. Dan sampaikanlah berita gembira (dengan balasan yang sebaik-baiknya) kepada orang-orang yang berusaha supaya baik amalnya. (37)

and when i look at Hindus worshipping statues....elephants....who knows that the history might came from the incident of Abrahah and his elephants trying to tear down Kaa'bah but were sent with blazing hot stones from Hell...but......unfortunately...what their ancestors did (building statues of elephants) was totally against the pureness of was just a guess

therefore.....i believe that knowledge is extremely important in obtaining ISLAM, IMAN and in THE SEARCH of YOUR CREATOR....its not about following people...following parents....didnt God sent AL-QUran and the Prophet as our role model.......said the Prophet Muhammad; hold on to boths and you wont lose...insyaAllah..

30 November 2009


last saturday was remarkable. total number of cows=17...emm....byk ke?..not sure...(makkah must be thousands!)
alhamdulillah before zohor everything seemed settled....besides what qurban should remind us of, one thing that has turned me on was that the teamwork spirit...sangat2 best...we are stronger when we are together...we are brothers n sisters kan....there's one hadith...

Diriwayatkan daripada Anas r.a: “ Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah bersabda: ” Tidak ada seorang pun di antara kalian dipandang beriman sebelum ia menyayangi saudaranya sesama Muslim seperti halnya ia menyayangi dirinya sendiri.” (Sahih Bukhari)

ntahla...kalau nak fikir..bukan ade work instruction pun...
there were those preparing for breakfast and time-out snack...drinks (hot teh tarik! sgt HOT!!)
there were those slaughtering.....skinning-off the slaughtered cows...scraping off the meat from bones...cutting to smaller portion.....bone-sawing....weighing...putting meat into used chopping woods and basins...emmm...n banyak lagi....
alhamdulillah semua mcm tau-tau je ape nak buat.....

n i guess the reason is only one....each and everyone, present were trying to please GOD the Almighty rather than to please people...and that is the only and the best reason we should always bear in mind...

jika dilihat pula sunnatullah bagaimana penciptaan manusia...surah at-toriq (5-7)
"dan hendaklah manusia meihat dari bahan apakah ia diciptakan? Ia diciptakan dari air mani yang memancut Yang keluar dari antara tulang sulbi lelaki dan tulang dada perempuan"
bagaimana dengan kuasa Tuhan Yang Maha Mencipta, sperms know where to flow and what to search for...then, when ovary combines with sperm...tau pulak the nutfah where it should travel to and where to stop to expand and search for food station....subhanallah....sangat2 hebat penciptaan manusia...

sesungguhnya...makhlukNya mempunyai fitrah dan selagi fitrah ini tidak dikhianati, selagi itulah kita sentiasa memperoleh ketenangan dan kesejateraan...

JumS semua...Muslims of all generation...let us be ONE!....inilah fitrah...kita sebagai hambaNya..

semoga kita sentiasa berada di siratol-mustaqeem...insyaAllah...

The Beginning Is ... Now

Things will not come into existence without a foot set on a mark.
without a stepping foot, marking point is rather useless.
without destination, footstep trails are just FOOTsteps!
what we need is A WILL (a foot), AN EFFORT (courage of making the first step) and A GOAL (what to aim for)!